Critical Category 2: Prayer

1. Relationship with God is primary (personal and team) (Matthew 22:37). Prayer and fasting for the lost is foundational (Luke 10:2).

Reproduction of Intercessors is crucial.

2. Spiritual Warfare is common and necessary, especially in unreached areas where the Gospel is newly being presented (Ephesians 6:12).

Movements without Women?

While the story of most Disciple-Making Movements is written by and about men—featuring their roles and exploits—it is doubtful any movement in history has lacked the strategic involvement (as well as prayers) of women. Since women missionaries significantly outnumber men, and the vast majority of single missionaries are women, it is vital that CPM efforts welcome, encourage and empower the efforts and contribution of women.

Mission Frontiers has dedicated their entire Jan/Feb 2016 issue to the role of women in Church Planting Movements.

Go to the website to read the articles

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An appalling lack of dependence….

An experienced CPM catalyst who has been a part of some amazing movements of God and has been through the fires had some strong words to share in a recent dialogue.

“I am appalled at the number of practitioners (working focused on igniting movements to Christ) who are focused more on strategy and methodology than on the power of the gospel and the Spirit to transform, and our absolute dependence upon Christ to remove blinding and open hearts.

There is still such an appalling lack of understanding and appreciation of what prayer is and that we are partnering with Our Living God, working in sync with Him, not just dropping some acknowledgement to Him and then go on our way figuring it out ourselves.

It’s almost as if there’s an acknowledgment of the need to “pray”, but then we go about business as usual, not really living and working as if everything really does depend upon abiding in Him and hearing and following His instructions.”

CPM FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) – What is a Church?

  • Fundamentally, it is a group that is seeking to become like the group(s) of believers we see in Acts 2:37-47.
  • At its core, a church is a community of believers seeking to obediently follow Jesus Christ. From God’s perspective, church is a continuation of what Jesus began 2,000 years ago. This is why Paul and Luke frequently refer to the church as “the body of Christ.” David Garrison (March-April 2011 Mission Frontiers)
  • “The church is a group of baptized Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who meet regularly to worship, nurture one another (feed and grow one another), and fellowship (practice the one another statements of the Bible), and depart these gatherings endeavoring to obey all the commands of Christ in order to transform individuals, families, and communities.” David Watson, “When is a Church a Church?

Note: On the FAQs we will usually have more than one answer because in movements as in life there are often more than one perspective and more than one “right answer.”

Critical Assessment 1: God

These questions are designed to assess your application of these critical CPM elements in your life/lives.

Note that English does not distinguish between the singlura and plural “you” (unless we use “y’all) so note that these questions are for you personally but also for you as a team. If you do not have partners in this mission – pray and ask God for them!

  1. Is your focus truly on bringing Glory to God? John 17:4
  2. How does our everyday life reflect the spiritual truth of John 15:4-5?
  3. How does Gal 2:20 translate into your life? What does it look like?
  4. What Vision has God given you for your people? How are you being faithful to that vision? How are you passing it on?


Note: assessment questions are adapted from an anonymous document we received – if you are the author – please let us know so we can credit you for your insight.

Critical Category 1: God

1. God is the initiator of CPMs – they are His work and for His Glory (Habakkuk 2:14; Ephesians 3:20-21). The Holy Spirit is the Equipper and Empowerer of CPMs (Acts 1:8).

2. Vision: God has a vision for reaching a UPG/city/tribe/nation to a person/team (Acts 19:10). Start with knowing the mind of God and join Him in His work. Vision is shared and co-laborers are raised up (initially outsiders, but the main harvest force is inside the unreached group).

The outsiders help the insiders reproduce vision casting.

3. Scripture is the foundation of all beliefs and practices (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Scripture leads to Principles which leads to Practice.

CPM Critical Elements

If we want to be part of CPMs, we need to learn first from the Bible and then second from the works of the Holy Spirit in movements (in history and today). Acts 19:10 This continued on for two years, so that everyone who lived in Asia, both Jews and Greeks, heard the word of the Lord Jesus.

Over the next few weeks we will look at critical elements in movements – taking even one of the elements out can be crippling.
We will be looking at forming a:
                                                                          CPM Strategy based on  CPM Critical Elements

The following sentence shows the major CATEGORIES we will be covering.

GOD has a VISION for our People…so we reproduce PRAYER and EVANGELISM … leading to reproducing DISCIPLES, CHURCHES, LEADERS transforming lives & communities. 

What is Make

Back in 1985 24% of the world was considered “unreached” – without access to the gospel.

In 2015 after 30 years of increased focus 30% of the world is now unreached….

Worse yet,
in 1985 1.1 billion people were unreached.
In 2015 2.2 billion people are unreached!

We believe that Church-Planting Movements (CPMs) are the main way we are seeing God change these heart-breaking percentages among the unreached. CPMs are rapidly multiplying indigenous churches planting new churches within a population segment. These movements often take years to start, but once they start, one marker is if there are consistent multiple streams of 4th generation reproduction within 4-5 years of the first reproducing churches.

This is happening because all new believers are being taught to obey Christ’s commands, and as a result they expect every believer and every church to take responsibility for reaching those next door and at the ends of the earth. CPMs are not a new fad, but rather a modern example of what God has always done in history: bringing individuals, families and groups into relationship with Him in a powerful way which makes these new communities of faith want to serve those around them and reach more people with the Good News. is one channel where we hope to share stories, resources, information and stay connected to work together toward seeing God start these movements of:

  • disciples making disciples
  • church birthing churches
  • leaders developing leaders
  • movements catalyzing movements

We hope to make this a learning community where we can learn from each other and spur each other on.