A testimony of the power of “only the Word” – using the Bible Discovery Study approach

How will we grow in our Faith?

A Testimony of the Discovery Study Approach  (as told by “Sanjay”)

The main leader in that area, “Abeer,” has consistently reported how the Discovery Study approach is such a great tool for growing people’s faith quickly, specifically and especially for illiterate folks, because each one can easily listen to the story on the speaker and discuss the questions.

Abeer has many generations of disciples “under” him. One of the 5th generation leaders is named “Kanah”,” who is 19 years old. One day, this young man went to G. Village, and was surprised to discover that, of all things, there was a family here who said they were followers of Jesus! Kanah visited with them, the 7 members of the family, including the mom who is 47 years old. Her name is “Rajee”. During their conversation, Rajee said, “Yes, we know about Jesus, but, Brother, we have no idea how we will ever grow in our faith because pastors do not come here.”

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FAQ: Does the Discovery approach work in a “top-down” society?

From time to time, someone will ask this question.

“My culture” is a “top-down leader culture” in which the normal way of doing educational and religious activities is that the expert tells everyone what to think.
So, in this culture people want and expect this which makes the inductive Discovery / DBS model not easily accepted. Maybe this won’t work in our culture..?..!

Here is an answer to this question from Dave H.

This is my main response:  EVERY CPM I’ve heard of in our day is in “top-down” cultures (a better term might be “high power distance” cultures—one that’s often used by sociologists for this phenomena):  India, Indonesia, Middle East, African cultures—ALL OF THESE ARE AT LEAST AS HIGH-POWER as “your place”.

And, what’s more, the cultures that ironically are low power distance (America is among the most egalitarian) seem to have a much harder time seeing movement.

How do I explain this?

Well, first of all, let me say that I DO believe that Persons of Peace are real and that movements are happening. But how exactly they can be happening in cultures that would seem to be anti-Discovery due to their educational systems and their cultural norms, I can’t really explain. Except that when the sociologists do studies of High Power cultures, leaders and emerging leaders always say that they “prefer” that cultural value BUT the vast majority of people who are not in leadership, vow that they’d LOVE to change it.

You know it’s also important to note that when the early church spread like wildfire, the form was much more like DBS than like modern-day, pulpit centered, strong unilateral leader type Protestanism. 1 Cor 14:26 is the clearest “example” for that.

So, really your question is not if these movements happen in “top down” cultures today, but why are they happening and how is it they happened in the 1st Century in a hierarchical culture as well?