A CPM is a Leadership Development Movement

A Church-Planting Movement (CPM) is in many ways actually a church leadership multiplication and development movement. The difference between planting churches and seeing sustained movements is usually linked to leadership development. No matter how many churches are planted, unless the cultural insiders become leaders, the churches will remain foreign and either reproduce slowly or reach a plateau when the initial leader(s) become overloaded.

Some key leadership development principles in CPMs:

  • Vision: visionary leadership
  • Prayer: prayer is the foundation for fruitfulness (John 14:13-14)
  • Training: everyone is trained
  • Bible:¬†The training manual is the Bible
  • Obedience: obedience-based (John 14:15)
  • Strategy: the Gospels and Acts provide the main strategy and models for disciple making and church planting
  • Empowerment: people become leaders by leading
  • Biblical: biblical standards for leadership
  • Unbiased:¬†focus on the fruitful (Matthew 13:1-18)
  • Shared: multiple leaders (Acts 13:1)
  • Churches: churches are focused on birthing new churches

See this article for a more thorough examination of this issue.


2 Replies to “A CPM is a Leadership Development Movement”

  1. thank you for this. one thing that struck me is that instead of ‘unbiased’, if it is indeed “focus on the fruitful”, then perhaps ‘biased’ would be more appropriate. it’s biased in the sense that you are not focusing on everyone, but on the fruitful, which is what’s gotta’ happen or we spread ourselves too thin trying to “focus” on everyone.

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