Critical Assessment 7: Planning and Evaluation


  1. Have you as a group of co-laborers heard God’s “EndVision” for your people? Are you working toward that?
  2. Are you thinking comprehensively or only in sequential steps in your approach to ministry and church planting?
  3. In order to encourage ‘indigenous movements’ all the various elements need to be worked on simultaneously. How is your team doing in relation to this? (1 Cor. 12:27-30)


  1. Although all the factors stated above are truly critical for indigenous movements of reproducing churches there is a need to guard against applying a “mechanistic methodology”. How are you avoiding this pitfall?
  2. How are you monitoring what is happening, or not happening, and finding complementary and creative ways under God’s guidance to address the specific situation He has placed you in, in order to overcome stagnation?
  3. Are you being unflinchingly honest in your evaluation of activities, motivations, and results?
  4. Are you giving up good things to see God do great things?