Does Prayer Make a Difference?

There was an experiment conducted several years ago by a church in Phoenix, AZ. Intercessors randomly selected 160 names from a local phone book. They divided the names into two groups–and prayed regularly for one of the groups, ie for 80 homes. The other 80 homes were not prayed for.

Read about what happened next at this link from

Critical Assessment 4: Discipling

  1. Are you using Creation to Christ Discovery series to help people discover God and allow the Father to be the teacher? (John 6:45)
  2. Are you focused on making disciples of Jesus, not converts to a religion?
  3. Are you demonstrating a love for God and an obedience to his commands in your lifestyle? Is this your main goal with those you are discipling?
  4. Are you discipling the oikos (family/group) together?
  5. Are you willing to suffer and endure hardships for the sake of the Gospel? – Are you preparing new believers for the fact that entering the kingdom of God includes going through many hardships? (Acts 14:22; 2 Cor. 11:16-33) – How does your lifestyle reflect this?
  6. Are the methods you are using for sharing and spreading the Gospel reproducible by local believers?