Critical Category 4: Discipling


  1. Disciple lost oikos’ to commitment to Christ over the course of some weeks (make disciples not converts) – a Discovery Group will listen and learn from the Father (John 6:44-45) by coming to love and obey God through Bible stories from Creation to Christ.

    See this post for suggestions on what to do if they want to make an immediate decision.

  2. Teach them to love Jesus and obey His commands (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, John 14:15, Matthew 28:20). Teach obedience to the Word, not to human doctrines and traditions.
  3. Group Process: help the group learn together and share leadership and accountability. Groups/Communities learn more quickly, remember more things and remember them better, replicate more quickly and when correctly established protect against heresy and bad leadership.
  4. Persecution is normal and prepared for (John 15:20, Luke 21:12-19).

      Help those becoming disciples begin reproducing immediately.

CPM FAQ: What if they want to make an immediate decision?

We do see immediate decisions in the Book of Acts, so we cannot argue that this is “not allowed.”

We should recognize that those decisions seem to happen with Jews or God-fearers who already had an understanding of the Scriptures and were prepared. But sometimes we see similar circumstances in modern Disciple-Making Movement efforts.

90% of faith decisions in the book of Acts are described as group decisions. So our 90% plus preference (especially in persecution areas) is group decisions. If they have been prepared by the Holy Spirit and/or an event like a miracle or a crisis creates desire for immediate commitment, you want to go through a decision process with the oikos (family/group). Lead them in an intense time of scriptural study (often an entire 1-2 days) so they know who God is and the cost of being His disciple. 

You can start with a more intensive Creation to Christ sequence like this one. Then take them through a commitment discovery process like this one.

Some will be ready to proceed – and you can lead them in commitment and baptism. Then start back in the same Discovery Group process from Creation to Christ to help change their worldview and create the right DNA of obedience and sharing. This will also help them understand and know how to disciple others that do not make immediate decisions.

Others will want to wait and you can then lead them through the normal discovery process.