6 Signs You’re Addicted to Addition – for Church Leaders

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6 Signs of Addition Addiction

What are the signs we’ve become addicted to addition or are on the path to addiction? Consider this list and ask yourself and your team if they see your church in any of these.

  1. The church is more concerned with expanding seating capacity than they are expanding sending capacity.
  2. Leadership is more concerned with the percentage of people in small groups rather than the percentage of people who are leading and multiplying groups.
  3. The church is more concerned about how many people show up to serve together at a one-time serve event rather than how many people the church can empower to serve every week.
  4. The leader is more concerned about how many are following him than how many people the church is releasing to go out and lead a movement.
  5. The church is concerned only about our community or our sphere of influence—with little thought and resources spent on their city and the nations.
  6. Leaders are more concerned about seeing the church grow than they are seeing the church reproduce.


CPM FAQ – What is a CPM?

A definition for Church Planting Movements (CPMs) that has held sway for more than a decade is: “a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.” David Garrison

Many groups agree that is consistent (multiple streams) 4th generation reproduction of churches is happening, then church planting has crossed the threshold and is probably a sustainable movement that will continue to grow.

“A CPM is a rapid multiplication of reproducing congregations which plant reproducing congregations in a way that sweeps through a people group or population segment. Whole households are discipled together to obey all that Jesus commanded and immediately begin serving their communities. They are guided by the authority of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel in word, deed and miracle…. A movement is reached when obedient disciples have made obedient disciples to the fourth generation.” See more here: Beyond

See the article: “Kingdom Kernels: CPM Essentials On a Napkin

“A Church Planting Movement is an indigenously led Gospel Planting and obedience-based discipleship process that has resulted in a minimum of 100 new locally initiated and led churches, three generations deep, within two years….Less than 100 churches, regardless of generations, do not constitute a CPM. More than 100 churches, but not at least 3 generations deep, is not a CPM. It has to happen within two years or it does not qualify. The two years can count from the initiation of the work, or count back from a given point in time. If counting back, 3 new generations must be demonstrated. If the work is not locally initiated, locally led, and obedience-based, and ministry-producing it is not a CPM.” David Watson