Critical Assessment 2: Prayer

1. How do you practice and cultivate praying regularly in your own personal life? (Mk.6:46)

2. Is claiming God’s promises and victory on the basis of God’s promises and in relation to concrete matters something you practice on a regular basis? (Mt. 7:7-11) – How do you do it in your daily life?

3. What steps have you taken to overcome crippling fear caused by the social and political context you are living in? (Ro. 1:16) – Is there boldness and a sense of urgency in your team?

4. Is there fear that stems from the spiritual darkness and the powers of evil that oppose you and your ministry? – How are you dealing with these forces? (Eph. 6:12ff; Ro. 15:30)

5. To what degree is praying a vital part of your partners’ lives and ministries? (1 Tim. 2:8)

Critical Category 2: Prayer

1. Relationship with God is primary (personal and team) (Matthew 22:37). Prayer and fasting for the lost is foundational (Luke 10:2).

Reproduction of Intercessors is crucial.

2. Spiritual Warfare is common and necessary, especially in unreached areas where the Gospel is newly being presented (Ephesians 6:12).

Movements without Women?

While the story of most Disciple-Making Movements is written by and about men—featuring their roles and exploits—it is doubtful any movement in history has lacked the strategic involvement (as well as prayers) of women. Since women missionaries significantly outnumber men, and the vast majority of single missionaries are women, it is vital that CPM efforts welcome, encourage and empower the efforts and contribution of women.

Mission Frontiers has dedicated their entire Jan/Feb 2016 issue to the role of women in Church Planting Movements.

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