An appalling lack of dependence….

An experienced CPM catalyst who has been a part of some amazing movements of God and has been through the fires had some strong words to share in a recent dialogue.

“I am appalled at the number of practitioners (working focused on igniting movements to Christ) who are focused more on strategy and methodology than on the power of the gospel and the Spirit to transform, and our absolute dependence upon Christ to remove blinding and open hearts.

There is still such an appalling lack of understanding and appreciation of what prayer is and that we are partnering with Our Living God, working in sync with Him, not just dropping some acknowledgement to Him and then go on our way figuring it out ourselves.

It’s almost as if there’s an acknowledgment of the need to “pray”, but then we go about business as usual, not really living and working as if everything really does depend upon abiding in Him and hearing and following His instructions.”

CPM FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) – What is a Church?

  • Fundamentally, it is a group that is seeking to become like the group(s) of believers we see in Acts 2:37-47.
  • At its core, a church is a community of believers seeking to obediently follow Jesus Christ. From God’s perspective, church is a continuation of what Jesus began 2,000 years ago. This is why Paul and Luke frequently refer to the church as “the body of Christ.” David GarrisonĀ (March-April 2011 Mission Frontiers)
  • “The church is a group of baptized Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who meet regularly to worship, nurture one another (feed and grow one another), and fellowship (practice the one another statements of the Bible), and depart these gatherings endeavoring to obey all the commands of Christ in order to transform individuals, families, and communities.” David Watson, “When is a Church a Church?

Note: On the FAQs we will usually have more than one answer because in movements as in life there are often more than one perspective and more than one “right answer.”